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About Us

"When you sell a man a book you don't sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life." ~Christopher Morley

Late Shri D.D. Mehra

Our story

We're a boutique publishing house with the expertise leadership of publishing veterans, Mr. C.K. Mehra and Mr. S.K. Mehra, sons of Late Shri D. Mehra (founder of Rupa & Co.), along with a set of young individuals on the team, who are extremely passionate about books. Backed by the impeccable lineage of Mehra's, Alchemy Publishers is being positioned as a quality imprint and has already stormed the Indian publishing industry with intelligent, relevant, meaningful and influential books that span the entire gamut of reader interest — self-help, philosophy, religion, wildlife, fiction, women's studies, travel and coffee-table books.

Our mission

Continuing the trend of publishing books on meaningful subjects, Alchemy looks forward to becoming the leading light in this space. We value content above all else, and believe in providing the right guidance and platform to all our authors, established or new. Our authors are part of our team as we work transparently with constructive feedback and an involved approach on the editing, design, production and marketing front. We select only a limited number out of the numerous entries received everyday, and dedicate ample time to each book to assure substance.

Team Member
C.K. Mehra
Bringing with him age-old wisdom and immense experience of working in the book industry, Mr.C.K. Mehra initiated, and has been leading the team at Alchemy Publishers since 2006, along with heading the distribution arm, Mehras Books. Warm and approachable, we always look out to learn from him as our mentor.
Team Member
S.K. Mehra
Our anchor at Alchemy Publishers, Mr.S.K. Mehra is an experienced publishing professional, and has been leading the Alchemy team and Mehras Books distribution, along with his brother, Mr.C.K.Mehra. We look up to him for advice on all publishing aspects, while he runs the show on the publishing front, and travels to manage pan-India activities for our distribution arm.
Team Member
Sona Agrawal
Publishing Advisor
Spunky, smart and superbly cool, we hanker for her suggestions and love them when they pour in. Brimming with new strategies, Sona's cup truly runs over. So engrossed in her work she is that we wonder wide-eyed whether she at all sleeps!
Team Member
Rajrupa Das
Spirited, passionate and extremely knowledgeable, she is constantly in touch with authors, editors, printers, designers, shaping and assuring the quality of what Alchemy presents to readers. Not an easy task, but Rajrupa handles it all like a pro!
Team Member
Shinjini Mukhopadhyay
Her words and her long hair , both flow in cascades. Opinionated, mischievous, chirpy, she writes, edits and reviews. And in case you were wondering, simultaneously, yes!
Team Member
Anuja Saha
Marketing Manager
If it's marketing and promotions, she is the one to look out for. A painter too,  she is responsible, confident and witty. She dances through her tasks and boy! there is no stopping her!
Team Member
Anirudh Sharma
Finance Manager
Alchemy's money man, Anirudh makes sure that the lights are on and we are paying our bills on time. Astute, meticulous and resourceful, he also plans and ensures we get our books out on time, and that our authors are always happy.
Team Member
Nitin Sharma
Sales Manager
Ambitious, enterprising and zealous, Nitin manages our sales activities and is in constant touch with booksellers and customers. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to advance Alchemy’s growth and we rely on him for getting the buck in the bank to keep us running!
Team Member
Krishna Mehra
Smart, techie, entrepreneurial, Krishna is always there to solve our problems and offer advice on sales, distribution, marketing, design et al. How he manages to find time in between the never-ending business calls and trips, is something we're yet to figure out!
Team Member
Shivangi Jain Mehra
Design Advisor
Our design honcho, her hamper of ideas is a stunner. Chic and sprightly, so passionately does she weave colours that our tongues loll. Advice or art, Shivangi has them all tucked up her sleeve. Oh, and we love them!

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