Frontiers of Karma – The Making

Medha Deshmukh-Bhaskaran’s first novel ‘Frontiers of Karma – The Counterstroke’, the first of a trilogy is ready to hit the bookstores. She describes how the idea came about and her journey of becoming an author. Read on!

After years of working as a marketing executive for the pharmaceutical industry and subsequently as a health columnist for a prestigious newspaper in the Gulf , I really wanted to do something different – perhaps, to write . The world of diseases, prevention, treatment, new products, business development, targets and deadlines intrigued me no more.  After considering various subjects and visiting medieval forts of India during holidays, I realised what I wanted to write on. In my nascent vision there was this trilogy unfurling -the story of the conflict between two mightiest men, Chhatrapati Shivaji and Emperor Aurangzeb, the men who changed the destiny of millions, the men who had the power to stir the soul of India.  History books were imported from India and soon they became my means to travel to the 17th century. My mission was to reveal history as a story, to write a historical novel

In the midst of my marketing presentations at office, while driving at a speed of over hundred kilometers per hour on Emirate’s highways, and even while cooking at home, something constantly kept haunting me. Was it the invincible hill fort of Pratapgad, or the blood drenched valley of Jawali, or the battlefields near Hyderabad, or the burning city of Bidar, or the magnificent Red Fort of Delhi?  Finally I left my job and relocated to India. While writing Frontiers of Karma – The Counterstroke, the first part of the trilogy I virtually lived in the past and this is how I express how I felt:

Footprints fade away, even the tracks erode, but the past still pulsates inside the earth, like lava, all set to explode.

  1. Hey Medha,
    How are you?
    So happy to know that you pursued your dream. When is the book coming out?
    I will be in Delhi from Friday till 20th Aug. Would like to pick up a copy.
    All the best for rave reviews and bumper sales.
    Take care.

  2. Congratulations and Best wishes

  3. Is the book available in market now? Can I order through flipcart?

  4. When does the book get released, Medha.? Eagerly waiting to read it.

  5. Wow Medha,so your book is hotting up.Congratulations cannot wait to lay my hands on it.

  6. Congratulations Medha. I would love to have a copy of your book which you have relentessly worked on
    I am sure it will make interesting and absorbing reading


  7. Looking forward to reading this interesting book

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