Of Season’s Greetings, Literary festivals and Shubh Vivah!

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December is my all-time favourite month! Come December and I can literally feel the holiday spirit. Everyone’s brimming with hope and excitement as they prepare themselves to step into another brand new year. Most of my friends are busy planning their holidays and dinner parties.   Of course, I am one of the first ones to start suggesting the various fun activities: a Sunday picnic, shopping for winter dresses, movies with nachos and popcorn, hurriedly decided pot luck dinner, coffee breaks during the day, an elaborate theme party for kids, going for the musicals playing in the city…the list is endless and so is the enthusiasm.   I also make sure that the ideas don’t remain just that. Thankfully, the beautiful December weather helps in setting the mood for all that fun!

Since December is also ‘the’ month when everyone loves to be out in the sun, it is a popular time for literary festivals and fun fairs around the country. Don’t we all look forward to such events? I recently attended one such literary event and completely enjoyed myself. Besides meeting up with other fellow writers, authors and poets of the city and discussing the latest in their “writerly” life I also enjoyed sharing little nuggets of information about my books including reading out a few excerpts from my forthcoming novel with book lovers and readers of the city and then quizzing them on it. (That was an impromptu idea to make it more interactive). It turned out to be fun. They loved the little fun quiz and I was happy that they participated and enjoyed themselves. What more can a writer want from her readers! For your benefit let me share that my forthcoming novel, which is also the last in the “Pursuit” series is on the subject of marriage and its changing face in modern times. And that brings me to the final and equally exciting reason why I love this month so much.

Most of the marriages in India take place during the winter months starting with the month of December. Invariably, you will find someone or the other in your circle is getting married: if it is not someone immediate in the family then it is bound to be an office colleague or the good old neighbour’s daughter or son. And marriages in India are elaborate affairs. They are also great fun if you are not the parents or the immediate relatives of the bride.

It is one of those happy occasions when the entire family and even the extended family members come together to bond and joyously celebrate the union of two souls. The whole atmosphere kind of gets to you and makes you feel warm, happy and emotional all at once. Doesn’t it?

That’s why I say, December is a cool month.

A very merry holiday season to you all and those who are getting married this season– Stay cool!

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