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50 Things You Did Not Know About China

The “one-child” policy only applies to a third of Chinese couples. China loans more money than the World Bank. Four hundred million Chinese people can’t speak Chinese. China will soon have more bullet trains than every other nation in the world – combined. China is vibrant, confusing and sometimes downright scary. This book is written to separate fact from fiction, and to provide you with the most relevant, surprising and intriguing facts about the world’s most populous nation. Ours is an increasingly a Chinese world, and knowledge of China is necessary for success and understanding in the Twenty-First Century. Fifty Things You Did Not Know About China is a humorous and enlightening introduction to the essential realities of modern China.

Brendan P. O

Brendan O’ Reilly was born and raised in Seattle. He graduated with a degree in the combined study of Political Science, Philosophy and Economics from Western Washington University in 2008, and then began traveling the world. After living for year as a volunteer in Kolkata and a street musician in New Zealand, Brendan decided to settle down in the Middle Kingdom. He taught English at Jiujiang University in China for three years. Brendan’s work has been featured in various publications, including Asia Times, BBC Vietnamese, Business Insider, The Diplomat and China Outlook. Brendan is conversational and literate in Mandarin Chinese.