Doppelganger by Madhavi S. Mahadevan


Short Stories

Does one’s personal history flow like a hidden river beneath the life one leads outwardly, from day to day, month after month, year in and year out? Do clocks exist in that secret world? And mirrors?’ Set in urban, middle class India, these 18 stories, defying easy categorization, are a true miscellany reflecting the uncertain, illogical and vibrant nature of our times. Here boundaries between the real and the phantasmal blur: malls become haunted places, golf clubs and airport halls are the crossroads where past and present selves meet and greet. Chronicling the isolation, insecurities, hidden angst, subtle passion and secret longings that underlie ordinary lives and relationships, these stories weave in themes as diverse as memory and the emotional residue it produces, the elusiveness of identity, the rigours of role play, the convolutions of a double life, the complexity of shadow wives. By turns sweet, sad, poignant, funny and mysterious, they draw us into their separate and compact worlds and linger with us awhile..

Madhavi Mahadevan

Madhavi Mahadevan has written extensively for children, publishing over 100 short stories  and two books. Several of her works have won awards. Her previous collection of short stories for adults is titled Paltan Tales,(Indialog, 2005, New Delhi). She lives, for now, in Bangalore with her best buddy, a golden Labrador who deigns to answer (sometimes) to the name of Janaab. Doppelganger is her upcoming release.