Durga Puja

Durga Puja

A Fascinating Festivity

There is something about the Durga Puja that makes all of us get ritualistically involved with it every year. A Bengali can be anywhere between Calcutta and Connecticut but it is unlikely that he/she will not know when and where his nearest Puja is taking place. This unquestioned allegiance to its prospect and the effortless appeal of its colour makes Durga Puja a rich and culturally unique object of study.

Sunil K Dutt’s camera lovingly explores the myriad moods of the ‘fascinating festivity’ and with the help of an insightful text by Shyamal Kanti Chakravarti, reveals a great festival in its holistic appeal.

Sunil K. Dutt

Sunil K. Dutt has been working for more than forty years as a photographer on various socio-economic, political and cultural human interest areas. His works have been published and received well all over the world. Among his prominent works are — Something Beautiful for God written by Malcolm Murgeridege, Mother Teresa — Down Memory Lane and Shantiniketan. Sunil K. Dutt has had many important and successful exhibitions and has received a number of prestigious national and international awards.