Elijah... Among the Shades of time by Susy Matthew

Elijah... Among the Shades of Time

Susy Matthew

Temple prostitution, homosexuality, murder, dark magic...
a plot as thick as the blood of the sacrifice which flowed from the altar...
as painful as the screams of the innocent....
as desperate as the abandoned.

Elijah offers a choice and the consequences of a decision: Is the supernatural to be feared or revered? Within the pages of this book Elijah, the reader is confronted by both sides of the Unseen Realm and as painful as the tale may be, cannot ignore the end.

Good or evil, life or death, the reader unwittingly makes a conscious choice.

Susy Matthew

The author's first book, the historical novel, In a Bubble of Time, was published in 2012. Elijah... Among the Shades of Time, her second book is another historical novel. Holding a degree in architecture, her passion lies in the creative mediums and she has taught classical western music, painted murals and is happy to potter around in the garden while working on her third novel.

Her day job is the director of the Wings Group of Companies and being mother to her two children and three dogs, keeps her feet on the ground.