Frontiers of Karma - The Counterstroke

A Trilogy - Book One

War till death and beyond...

Seventeen century Hindustan. The Sunni Mughals rule the north  even as the Deccan lies under the rule of the Shia kingdoms.

At a time when jagirdar Shivaji, a Maratha landholder from the western Deccan, is busy eliminating the self-serving, native landlords, Aurangzeb, third in the line to the Mughal throne, declares war on the Shia kingdoms. Shivaji does what no one has done before: he plunders Mughal terrain while Aurangzeb bathes the Deccan in blood. Aurangzeb hates the audacity of the  kafir. It can set a dangerous precedent but first, he must forge a bloody path to the Mughal throne.

Frontiers of Karma  is the story of Raja Shivaji’s passion to create a swaraj for his people and Emperor Aurangzeb’s pathological obsession to eliminate Shivaji and his ideology.  The Counterstroke is the first part of the trilogy delineating Shivaji’s astounding confrontation with Aurangzeb’s brilliant politics.

Medha Deshmukh Bhaskaran

A microbiologist who has worked for the food and pharmaceutical​  industry in India, Germany and the United Arab Emirates, Medha Deshmukh-Bhaskaran has also been a health columnist for a leading newspaper in the Gulf for several years. Now, a full-time writer, she pursues her passion with zest. This is her first novel.