God at last

God at Last

Is the world as we know it coming to an end? Just like humans, is the destiny of the world connected to its karma? Is the world then inevitably moving towards attaining the results of its own karma? Or, given the alacrity with which the assorted ills of the human population are gaining speed, aren’t we heading towards a time when it will become inevitable that we must negotiate a fatalistic end? But, is the end always the end? And what explains such a consistent doomsday manifesto across time, across geographies and cultures?

Racy, intelligent and imaginative, this novel is a journey into the most imminent and immanent question of our time, an enquiry that can put into question time itself and everything that it has helped define, including our own planet and those who populate it.

Abhik Paul

Abhik Paul, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, and a qualified mechanical engineer, is currently a Senior Engagement Manager with Infosys Technologies Ltd. after having completed a stint with Deloitte Consulting.

Sanjay Virmani

Sanjay Virmani currently leads a medical education company that develops programs for physicians and other healthcare practitioners in the USA. He is an MBA from IIM Bangalore and is also certified in process modelling and re-engineering from the MIT Sloan School.