Harappa cover

Harappa 2

The Fall of Shuruppak

The fall of Shuruppak traces the adventures of our hero, Upaas, as he travels to summer with sage Vasishta and his friend Shushun. Follow the daredevil physician as he fights his way through this epic adventure, while seeking answers to his own questions about life. As the group of travellers move from one peril to another, we recognise our own hidden desires in their search for truth and immortality.

Shankar Kashyap

Dr. Shankar Kashyap is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon practicing in England. He published his first book, A Kangaroo Court (based on his own true life events) in 2011 to critical acclaim. He has studied Bronze Age civilisations of India and Mesopotamia extensively.

The first book of the Harappa series, The Lure of Soma, was launched in November 2013. The Fall of Shuruppak, the second book of the series, is based on the trade links between Sumerians and Harappans and centred around the great Epic of Gilgamesh.