Kolkata Canvas

Kolkata Canvas


The magic of Kolkata...

Kolkata is a city that photographers never seem to get tired of. From amateurs to professionals and legends of the camera, Kolkata has been a muse and a subject, an obsession and a possession. Sunil K. Dutt’s book has been a bestseller since its publication and is now in its fifth edition.

Dutt’s locales and settings are familiar but he infuses them with a newness that few thought was possible. Kolkata appears in a rare mood in every photo and that is precisely why the book retains a unique charm from the first page to the last.

Noted filmmaker Gautam Ghose’s judicious text gives the pictures the perspective they richly deserve.

Sunil K. Dutt

Sunil K. Dutt has been working for more than forty years as a photographer on various socio-economic, political and cultural human interest areas. His works have been published and received well all over the world. Among his prominent works are — Something Beautiful for God written by Malcolm Murgeridege, Mother Teresa — Down Memory Lane and Shantiniketan.

Dutt has had many important and successful exhibitions and has received a number of prestigious national and international awards.