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Life's Little Learnings

Life's challenges always teach us. What lessons has life taught you?

At times of having problems in our lives - personal, family, work or social - we find it difficult to cope with many of them. Most of us are often unable to face the present, as also look at our future with optimism, and instead think about it pessimistically. We need to remember that ultimate success can come only when we make a beginning somewhere! We need to make that choice now!

“Life’s Little Learnings” is a summary of learnings and experiences, with an emphasis on effects of Happiness, Compassion, Worry, Stress, Depression, Choices, Acceptance, Gratitude and Positivity on our Body, Mind, Intellect & Life.

Let us try to convert our expectations into acceptances so that we can leave this world  a better place for our next generations - where there is peace, faith, love, hope, compassion and gratitude. Changing ourselves is far easier, possible and recommended than changing others - it is easier to protect our feet with shoes than to carpet the entire rough earth.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is a practicing counsellor, based at New Delhi. Having being initiated into voluntary counseling and trained for it same by Snehi, an NGO for mental health care, he has participated in various community and exams-stress-related counseling helpline programs organized by them over the last 18 years. Having started his career with the CRPF in 1972 as a Deputy Superintendent of Police, he shifted to computer programming and training the force personnel for implementation of systems within the force. Now, as a practicing counsellor, he handles individual stress and anxiety cases and conducts seminars and workshops for corporate clients.  

This book is his first attempt to share his knowledge with his readers and give back to the society what he considers an obligation to bring about a healthy change in our attitude towards life and our fellow citizens. Such positive changes need to be adopted by all for a better, happier and satisfying life ahead.