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My Chameleon Soul

A woman looking for a new beginning. A man looking for the right direction. A girl looking for a streak of sunshine.

A story in three parts, along with a medley of 31 poems, revolves around three characters; Kiran Malhotra and her children, Samay Malhotra and Samaira Malhotra. This family lives together and shares a secret. How do they find their individual miracles?

How do their chameleon souls, unexpectedly, reach out to each one of them when they need them the most?

Have you shaped a lifespan for yourself that you can actually follow?

These three have!

Come, fall in love with Kiran’s intrinsic kindness, Samaira’s purity and  Samay, simply because he's crazy!

Sumit G Sehgal

 Sumit G Sehgal is an international wordsmith with a literary experience spanning eleven years with twenty-nine e-books in tow. This aspiring literary wizard took it upon himself to spend his entire quality time helping other people create literary masterpieces. This beautiful vision of his has helped many literary aspirants realize their dreams and his never-ending efforts are sure to bring to light a new era of authors and poets.

A multi-talented person, Sumit’s varied experience in the project design and management and strategic development lead him to meet many different people and face myriad circumstances, some good and some with takeaways for life, which have sourced his creative endeavors and inspired him to write.

To add to his long list of credentials, he has been an extremely successful ghostwriter and currently heads Butterfly & The Bee …your literary angles, an erudite hub for India’s literati. Having been involved in theatre work, he also has expertise in different writing styles and poetry with a twist.


‘My Chameleon Soul’ is an emotional journey, for him, as well as the reader, and at the same time promises to be a satisfying read for any reader who can empathize with the characters and storyline. It is natural that as a writer, Sumit has been inspired by various individuals and incidents to pen down this intense stimulating novel.