Nuptial Knots

Nuptial Knots

Is it really so difficult for two people, tied in a nuptial knot, to stay together?

Rachna grappled with this question as she saw marriages around her crumbling. This book is a culmination of her observations and experiences as she talked to, cried with, and shared the pain of these couples.

Six beautiful stories view the institution of marriage in the context of the changing times. They are based on real accounts, each opening a new vista for people to look at the ever-enigmatic relationship called ‘marriage’.

Rachna Singh

Rachna Singh writes for the love of capturing those funny blurbs that pop out of her head all day, into stories that enthrall. A Master in Psychology, Rachna has worked in the corporate space for over 15 years, and now works as a consultant, balancing family and her writing along with her work.

Rachna made her debut as a writer in 2011 with a rib-tickling novel on anecdotal humour called ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’, which received rave reviews. She switched gears to write on the ever-enigmatic relationship called marriage in her second book, ‘Nuptial Knots’.

She belongs to Allahabad, and lives, currently, in Bangalore, with her husband and their two children.