Punjabi Thali

Ever wondered what it’s like to be wedded into a Punjabi house?

Shalini is 4 years into her marriage. With time the romance in her marriage has given way to prying relatives, nosy buas, conniving masis and a series of not so welcome surprises that flood her life from her in-laws’ stable time to time. The story is a mix of satirical observations of her ever boastful Punjabi relatives, their peculiar mannerisms, speech and their dressing sense in a rib-tickling humorous fashion. Inspired by these incidents Shalini decides to pen them down into a book.

Shalini’s most trusted companion in this house, her sister-in-law is caught lying about her love affair. This is the most challenging of situations that Shalini has faced so far. Not only she has to serve her duties right as a bhabhi, but she has to do it knowing fully well that she is not the favourite bahu.

A Punjabi Thali indeed!

Swati Khanna Gulati

Swati Khanna Gulati is a free-lance writer, poet and an entrepreneur, based out of Gurgaon.  An MBA in International Business and a successful corporate career behind her, Swati took to her passion in writing and culinary training. Her business initiative ‘The Kitchen Workshop ©’ has been providing customized, hands-on cooking classes to its students for past four years.

Swati has come across many intriguing and humorous personalities in her Punjabi marital home. Each interaction with her new gregarious relatives was so vivid that it inspired her to put together this fictional debut novel ‘Punjabi Thali’.