The Mystique of India

India is a land of many wonders and mysteries. The place we call home has thousands of years of history, science, art and architecture to revel in and be proud of. In SAFFRON, we take a detailed, pictorial and glorious tour of our marvelous country, from Tamil Nadu to Kanniyakumari. We share in the ancient history, mythology and folklore surrounding different regions, and also give a detailed picture of the current state of the region. This is an offering from the author to her homeland, to show her respect and love for a country which has blessed her with rich and diverse experiences.

Gita Khattry

Mrs Gita Khattry has been fond of traveling since her childhood. She undertook many journeys with her parents and relatives. She looked forward to them and found these sojourns very interesting and enjoyable. This travelogue is the result of various destinations and expeditions.