Stop me if you can

Stop me if you can!!

An IIM grad's tryst with sales

Rohit Salaria is a fresh graduate from one of the famed IIMs, and has just picked up a job in sales with an MNC. For his first assignment, he is posted at Hyderabad as a territory manager. He discovers the ever-dynamic world of sales and the uncertainties related to it. And then, of course, there is that single most important corporate entity—boss. But Salaria is different. Very different. Riding high on IIM credentials, the maverick in Salaria takes over as he devises his own methods to deal with situations around him. Salaria inspires his salesmen and peers. His bosses are in awe of him. His competitors want to kidnap him. Or so he thinks. Again, it is Salaria’s innovative approach and sheer self-belief that leads him to get a chance to be close to Priya, a girl he could have only dreamed of. He wants her badly. But the bigger questions still linger. Will he survive sales? Does Priya want him badly enough? Join Salaria in this humour-packed, blunder-prone ride where logic takes a backseat. Laugh with him or laugh at him. Laugh you will.

Mayank Jain

Mayank Jain is a post-graduate in management from IIM Calcutta, batch of 2010. He is currently working in the private sector and is directly associated with the world of sales. He is a talented mimicry artist, and has also done live audio cricket commentary in the past.