That Autumn in Awadh

That Autumn in Awadh

A true love story...

Young, impetuous and drawn to each other like gnats to resin, Samar Solanki and Sara Shergill try, furiously, to avoid falling in love, but, slowly succumb.

All hell breaks loose as Samar’s conservative Rajput family swears vendetta, locking Samar away, on the eve of their clandestinely-planned wedding. They vow to eliminate Sara, the audacious girl who has dreamt of sullying their pedigreed lineage, from Samar’s life. 

Through that lonely autumn in Awadh, bereft of hope, fettered and helpless, the star-crossed lovers cling to the faith they have in each other, as they brave many storms together.

This novel about love is peppered, generously, with the author’s characteristic droll wit as  it traipses through sensational turns of events that keep you absorbed till the very end.


Rachna Singh

Rachna Singh writes for the love of capturing those funny blurbs that pop out of her head all day, into stories that enthrall. A Master in Psychology, Rachna has worked in the corporate space for over 15 years, and now works as a consultant, balancing family and her writing along with her work.

Rachna made her debut as a writer in 2011 with a rib-tickling novel on anecdotal humour called ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’, which received rave reviews. She switched gears to write on the ever-enigmatic relationship called marriage in her second book, ‘Nuptial Knots’.

She belongs to Allahabad, and lives, currently, in Bangalore, with her husband and their two children.