The Dark Before the Dawn

The Dark Before the Dawn

70 Secrets to Self Discovery

“The Dark Before The Dawn is an essential resource for anyone interested in erasing limitations and establishing new, more far-reaching goals. Theresa Castro provides a beacon of light on the pathway leading to self-discovery by sharing practical techniques for building greater enlightenment. It’s an inspiring must-read for anyone who desires to accelerate their spiritual growth!” — Kim O’Neill, author, How to Talk With Your Angels and Discover your Spiritual Destiny.

  • Have you gotten married, divorced, come out of a relationship, had children or changed jobs in the hope that your life would be better off, and it wasn’t?
  • Do you consider yourself unhappy?
  • Does your life lack purpose or direction?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!

Theresa Castro

Theresa Castro lives in Texas, where she speaks about her experiences and how one can transform one’s life through self-discovery and ultimately find happiness. She is available for workshops, talks and consulting on various topics such as self-discovery, communication and relationships. If you would like to write to her about this book or would like more information, visit You can also check the web site for the latest news and locations of special in-person appearances.