The Faceless Saldirgan

2006, Greenwich. The suicide of Ralph Findlay, owner of a leading property firm, devastates his son, Jack. But Jack's secret threatens to destroy him even more. Because someone knows it, and knows how to use it. A secret that threatens to destroy him and everyone he holds dear, forever.


A chase between Jack and The Saldirgan ensues: raising terrible suspicions, testing loyal friendships and putting lives at risk. Behind a complex and tantalising mystery of identities, is woven a fine maze of truth and fiction.


Is The Saldirgan at the center of this labyrinth?

Or is it the reader who is left trapped within?

Sahil Loomba

Sahil Loomba is a young writer, who doubles as a student of Computer Science and engineering at IIT Delhi. This self-confessed philomath excels in writing two things: stories and algorithms. From meaningful poems to humorous blog posts, technical articles to philosophical musings – he writes them all. And his appreciation for cliffhangers and double entendres is evident in most of his work.

Usually a closet writer, The Faceless Saldirgan is Sahil’s first full-fledged mystery novel.

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