The Indian Parenting Book

The Indian Parenting Book

Imparting your Cultural Heritage to the Next Generation

“Parenting is a difficult process where the report card usually comes in too late! Parents can use all the help to ‘influence’ that report card. Meenal Pandya’s book provides just that ­— a way to increase the odds of success. A must-read for all Indian Parents.” — Indra Nooyi, CEO Pepsi Co.

For Indian parents juggling career and two cultures, while wondering how and what part of their cultural heritage to pass on to their children, now there is help. In this book, Meenal Pandya has offered insight into raising culturally balanced children who are both confident about their own heritage and respectful of other cultures.

Meenal Pandya

Meenal Pandya has been writing about India and its culture for more than a decade. She has written several books, hundreds of articles, and poems. Her writings have appeared in many prestigious magazines, newspapers, and journals around the world. She has an MBA and has been working in the Boston area as a writer, publisher, and consultant for the last twenty years. She has raised two daughters.