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Theatre of Dreams

When a prodigious talent is discovered the excitement captivates an entire town who has the chance to taste victory after a drought of countless years. The soccer brings the town together but the very same talent threatens to destroy the very life that Roman Valka had enjoyed. Will the strength of character be enough to take him to his destiny or will he be consumed by the hatred that the very game he loved once brings him. A epic battle between genius and fate between love and hate. A story of an indomitable spirit.

Nikhil Krishnan

Nikhil Krishnan started his first business at the age of 18 and in the last ten years it has grown to a hospitality company which owns 3 different brands including nightclubs restaurants and bars. Writing was always the passion though as it is the purest form of entertainment. After being in sport for over 10 years representing the state and university, he decided to use his experience and understanding of the sportsman’s psychology to write about this subject.