trails of the tiger

Trails of the Tiger

This collection of photographs, accompanied by rich text, features detailed information on select Tiger Reserves in India: Corbett, Dudhwa, Buxa, Sundarban, Tadoba and Bandhavgarh. In a decade when India’s quick and shocking loss of its tiger population has made headlines and has been a continuous issue of national debate, this book is essential reading for those interested to know and feel the charm of the jungles and what role game parks and tourism play in the conservation of India’s most majestic and magnificent wild animal.

Dr. Tanmay Choudhury

Dr. Tanmay Choudhury is a physician by profession and a passionate photographer at heart. He has been visiting the tiger reserves in India for more than ten years along with his family. His never‑ending fascination for tigers prompted him to frame the jungle king along with other animals in exotic moods. This book features an interesting collection of his jungle captures.

Dr. Sangita Mitra (text)

Dr. Sangita Mitra, a Senior Project Officer in WWF-India is an upcoming wildlife biologist, who holds a Ph.D. on the ecology and behavior of the Assamese macaque. This former research fellow of the Zoological Survey of India has 7 years of research experience in this field. Over the last 10 years she has been engaged with the study on different species of animals and has kept her flare alive for learning more from this natural world.