Using the Power of Humor

Using the Power of Humor

To Improve your Life

Using the Power of Humor offers the practical applications of humor in everyday life. Forrest Wheeler pens new and exciting ways to empower the reader by connecting humor to:

•Health and Healing

•Education and Learning

•Increased Productivity

Forrest Wheeler

Forrest Wheeler graduated from the University of Oregon with a Masters degree in Education Administration. He worked with the Portland Oregon School District on its Model School Development Committee and designed American Youth Education Systems. During this time, he also developed models for incorporating humor in the education of children. He spent ten years in Singapore with the Harvard-Lexington (Individually Guided Education Program) working with the British-American Joint Consulate Schools. After retirement in 1996, Mr. Wheeler began working as a professional clown in which capacity he has won international awards and recognition. In 2000, he founded Clown Interactive Programs, an organization dedicated to promoting the contributions of clowns to communities. He has published several articles on clowning and tours internationally lecturing on humor in education and the art of clowning. In June 2002, he helped to successfully deliver and protect emergency humanitarian supplies sponsored by the Patch Adams Foundation, Gesundheit. He has been to dangerous war-torn Afghanistan armed with nothing more threatening than a red rubber nose.