The Universally Acknowledged Truth: A tribute to Jane Austen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe art in publishing lies in doing what others are doing but doing it in style and we at Alchemy do it in our own sexy way. Today we feature our tribute to Ms. Jane Austen who dared to be different and shocked her well wishers by choosing to be single. Her heroines were more conventional however and chose to marry. Elizabeth Bennet, the most famous one, inevitably lost her heart at Pemberly (she did not believe it but we do). So we take a look  (with tongue firmly in cheek) at the million things she changed.

As we celebrate the genius that has influenced us for over two hundred years we take a step back to see how Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen has improved our collective lives. Without Pride and Prejudice the following would have been impossible:

  • We would not have swooned over the delectable Mr Darcy and Colin Firth would not have won our  hearts
  • Inevitably Helen Fielding could not have written Bridget Jones and as a result remained anonymous
  • Renee Zellweger would not have won the Academy Award nomination
  • BBC would have one less classic to produce

So many things would not have been possible without Ms Austen.  Women would not have loved the way they do nor justify their love the way Elizabeth did. The Hindi film industry would not have had the staple romance plot where boy met girl—hated each other—then fell in love. Countless aspiring authors would have less to emulate.

  1. Swayam Ganguly

    I feel the greatest contribution of Jane Austen towards society is the fact that men and women who have been lucky enough to read her have been taught how to love and respect the opposite sex without pride and prejudice. In India, although the soaps on television still follow the pattern that was kick-started by her, the evils of a patriarchal society still exist. That is the reason why Jane Austen should be made compulsory reading in school.

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