Ushering in the mysterious winter season

ushering in the winterThe winter season is known for many things in India particularly weddings and soi·rées. The short winter months are more often than not filled with activities. There are musical events, carnivals, fêtes and most importantly fairs. Amidst all these activities it is also necessary to have quiet time with the self. We, at Alchemy, feel that it is the perfect time to snuggle into a blanket with a classic tale. We also believe that it is the ideal season for chills. The cold winter nip augurs well for mystery lovers and admirers of horror.

“Spine chilling mystery is best served with hot cocoa and a blanket.”  Tweet this

The classic in terror stories is of course the great Edgar Allan Poe. English literature students may beg to differ and argue, dust off their Daiches and look for The Monk, Castle of Otranto and others. Then again being students they may not bother at all.

The world of literature is in a constant state of flux. Sometime back R.L Stine was all the rage. Then came the sweeping Twilight Series and we are still bearing the brunt, or as some would believe, looking at some fine Vampire tales. For the classic horror we of course like to go back to the old favourite Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Fortunately or rather unfortunately Abraham Lincoln has not been spared either. He was transformed into a Vampire slayer like Buffy( from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Thankfully for America he turned out to be a great statesman as well.

Alchemy’s own contribution to this genre is ‘A Degree in Death’ by Dr.Ruby Gupta, in which the midnight murder of a student in the sleepy town of Dehradun rouses everyone with suspicion and alarm. Violence is incomprehensible in this institute located at the foothills of the Himalayas. With no clues or suspects, the police are unable to catch the killer.

Professor Shantanu Bose, an eminent nano-expert and Dean of Research and Development, is deeply troubled at this havoc caused to his institute. Determined to bring back the peaceful academic environment of the campus, he begins his own investigation. Fear increases as another dead body turns up. Soon the professor finds himself in grave danger. Yet, he persists with his inquiry and discovers that the truth is more startling than what anyone could have imagine.

Grab your copy and enjoy the thrilling murder mystery with a cup of cocoa this winter!

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